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Company Overview

About Makepolo

Makepolo.com, founded in 2007, is a search engine for accurate purchase. We unite 7000 global industry websites covering nearly 40 industries to help suppliers display and promote more than 60 million products.

By July 2012, more than 1200 companies worldwide had posted their products and company information through Makepolo.com. Everyday purchase search flow exceeds 5 million with everyday inquiries exceeding 320 thousand. Daily UV up to 2 million.

Makepolo.com - Accurate purchase search engine

The main characteristic of Makepolo.com is that it can accurately approach to advertisement audience and the potential customer. We ensure that your advertisement appears only in front of targeted buyers, which greatly reduces the marketing cost and quintuples your order efficiency.

Three features of Makepolo.com accurate advertising:

Accurate Time: What is the budget for promoting a new product this month? Does advertisement need to be stopped or reduced if next month is a slack season? No Problem. Makepolo.com could be accurate to a specific day's ads. You don't pay for clicks that happen in unappointed time and places.
Accurate Location: You only want to put your advertisement in southern China? No problem. You don't pay for clicks that happen in unappointed places.
Accurate Customers: Makepolo.com can find customers that want your products.

Makepolo.com - Accurate Delivery + Pay for Performance. No waste.

The characteristics of Pay for Performance:
1. No click, no pay. No waste.
2. Strengthen Pertinence
Only delivering advertisements to the customers that want your products.
3. All sidedness
Makepolo.com, the China biggest purchasing platform, catches a lot of buyers in one action.
4. Flexible Delivery
Suppliers can control the budget flexibly, increase and reduce cost anytime.
5. Low pay, high repay
Advertisement and purchasing need to be highly uniform. The order transfer efficiency enhances dozens of times with the suppliers' marketing cost reduces several times.

Press Center

Intel and LG invest the Makepolo.com

Intel and LG invest the Makepolo.com

On November 14th 2011, at the 12th annual Global Summit, Intel announces invest 40 million dollars to 10 Asian companies. In this new investment project, there are three innovative enterprises,including a Hong Kong company-- OutblazeVentures Holdings Limited (also known as Animoca) and two mainland companies, one is Makepolo.com and the other is Miartech (Shanghai), Inc.

By November 2011, Intel has announced that they will invest 10 projects in China, including the fusion of mobile、application、the Internet of things, storage, medical, electronic commerce, etc.

Makepolo.com is the global leading and accurate purchasing search engine, we serve for the middle and small enterprises to meet their purchase requests, through the accurate E-commerce advertising marketing mode (B2B Pay for Performance). It is reported, in this vestment, Makepolo.com gains the highest (10 million dollars) investment from Intel among the 10 enterprises. In addition , later Makepolo.com also gets 5 million dollars investment from LG electronics.

Aiwen Su (Arvind Sodhani), the Intel EVP and Investment Officer, evaluates the 10 companies:"seen from the remote security solutions to the interactive iCloud , the 10 companies can help the global consumers and enterprises promote production efficiency, safety and web experience."

Xu Yang(Chief executor of China region)says that, the focus of this investment should be the internet of things, such as Digital Multi-media, innovative E-commerce model, Smart Grid, and related industry." the three Chinese enterprises are the innovation leaders in these key fields."

The Asian investment projects announced at the Global Summit cover 5 Asian markets and involve a series of innovation technology, including semiconductor design and manufacture, green technology, software, security, social games and iCloud and so on.

Makepolo.com Wins Two Awards At China E-commerce Era Investment Summit

Makepolo.com Awards

Makepolo.com Awards

The 2010 China E-commerce era Investment Summit that hosted by China Electronic Commerce Association (CECA) and organized by FT Capital is held at Park Plaza Beijing Science Park. Many venture capital enterprises attend this conference, such us IDG, Northern Light Venture Capital (NLVC), WI Harper Group, DFJ DragonFund China etc., Makepolo.com wins two awards for The Most Promising in China's E-commerce and The Most Investment Value Enterprise in China's E-commerce relying on its professional procurement platform and unique business model.

Jiting Su is awarded the best CEO in Chinese E-commerce Industry

Makepolo.com Awards

At the meeting of 2010 Chinese Internet Economy BBS hosted by China Internet Week, makepolo.com president Mr. Su Jiting is awarded the annual best CEO in E-commerce Industry. It is the sixth year that China Internet Week evaluates the performance of domestic E-commerce Industry CEOs.

Mission and Values

Our vision

Through the deep understanding for the global purchasers, establish the global largest standardized database; through applying the most accurate search matching and intelligent recommendation technology, create a series of products that can meet global purchasers, make purchase more efficiently, conveniently, then become the most reliable procurement search and purchase platform for global purchasers.

Our mission

Through the continued innovative search engine, intelligent recommendation, data mining and other advanced technologies, create a excellent purchase searching engine and purchase application platform for purchasers , reduce the purchase cost and improve the purchase efficiency. And at the same time, provide the best and the most cost-effective services for the accurate advertising of the small and medium-sized enterprises, to make the small and medium-sized enterprises get more rapid growth, to reduce global procurement informations distance.

Our values

1. create value, win the respect
A. to better meet the users' needs, to better create user experience.
B. to better serve our users, to better create business value for the users.
C. to better execute enterprise mission, to improve purchasing efficiency for the whole society.

2. talent is the foundation
A. constantly introduced and select talents.
B. respect talents, train talents, provide the growth and development of the environment and space for talents.

3. constantly innovate
A. encourage innovative spirit and behaviors, make innovators have better development space.
B. through continuous innovation, meet the users' needs, create customer value, to become the industry leader.

4. courage to change
A. keenly insight into the market and environment changes, and grasp the trend, actively to change.
B. with the courage and determination to change, ready for change.

5. pursue perfect
A. crazily pursuit perfect details and excellent results.
B. feel ashamed for can't reach the industry standard, feel proud for the work results become the industry standard.

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